Mix Doubles
CTC Mix Doubles 2021 will start on April 8
Coordinator: Nathan Lee
Open to all members and all level
CTC Mixed Doubles Evening:
1. A competitive social evening of tennis.
2. Weekly sign up (open Friday 6:00pm close Monday 12 am.) May sign up as a team or an individual. 16 women, 16 men. First come first in. If the evening is oversubscribed then you are guaranteed a spot following week.
3. Players will be assigned opponents/ partners based on self-ratings and previous results. (https://www.tenniscanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Self-Rating-Guide-English.pdf)
4. There will be two sessions of 1 hour and 30 min. beginning at 6:00, 2nd session begins at 7:30 pm. Teams will play as many games a possible changing sides after every odd game. (no sets or matches) results will be calculated as percentage of games won over total number of games played.
5. Mission is to give players a variety of opponents and playing partners every week while at the same time making the games competitive.
6. Sign up via "Google Forms Link" between Friday 6 pm and Monday 12 am as team or individual. Order of play will be posted Tuesday.
For more information please send email to