Mix Doubles
CTC Mix Doubles 2020 will start on July 09th
Coordinator: Sib Sirimanotham
Open to all members and all level
Format: TBD ( Number of participants).  Note this event will be split into two groups so we can make it competitive for everyone at all levels. Groups will be assess by the coordinator
Preferred partner is allowed and if you don't have a partner, indicate you need a partner and we will do our best to find you a partner.
Registration will need to be in by July 05th.  All team need to indicate their availability for the whole month of July.  There will be 4 courts available with two sessions. The first session starting at 6pm and the second session starts at 8pm.  To be fair to all participants as the first session is most popular, each team will be alternating between the two session through out the month.  Keep in mind, depending on the amount of participants, we will do our best to accommodate request.
All players need to provide email, phone numbers and Level.  The teams will be a combined level and assessed by the coordinator.
To register, please send email with above info to