We currently have 4 women's teams (2 night and 2 day team) and 3 Men's teams
Division B1 : Men's B1 Team (Saturday night) 
Team Captain: Michal Smid & Karim Fakim  
Division C1 : Men's C1 team (Sunday morning) (3.5-4.0)
Team Captain: Sergio Garces
Division C1 : Men's C1 Tong (Sunday morning) (3.5-4.0)
Team Captain: Andrew Tong
Women’s Division 1 Night (4.0-4.5) 
Team Name: Love Hurts
Team Captain: Barb Braidwood
Women’s Division 1 Night (4.0-4.5) 
Team Name: Racquo Pacquo
Team Captain: Louise Smith
Women’s Division 3 Day (3.5-4.0) 
Team Name: Savvy Acers
Team Captain: PC Lim
Women's Division 4 Day (3.0-3.5)  
Team Name: Catz
Captain: Cathy Asbury
Men's League score board:
Women's League score board:
Courts available for reschedule:
We encourage our members to participate or form a league team each year. If you would like to join a current team or would like more information, please contact our league team coordinator for Men: Ray Lebrun r60lebrun@gmail.com and for Ladies:PC Lim lim9star@gmail.com .
Note:  Teams may have been formed in a previous year and may have a full roster.  However, from year to year there are teams that will have some openings that members can try out for, or alternatively members may form a new team and submit an expression of interest to the Tennis BC League Coordinator, provided all players are on the same play level.