Our Head Tennis Pro, Jack Pei Xiao
cell 778-885-7028
     Jack is a "Club Pro 1 certified coach" with 9 years of coaching experience.  He has been conducting adult private and group lessons; junior private and group lessons; and junior development programs and more.  
Jack is well known for his efficient, tactic-first approach in teaching adults and for his patience and dedication in teaching kids. 
Adults Lessons Beginners
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Our Adult lesson is designed for the tennis newcomer or someone who has had very limited exposure to the game.  Objective: To learn the basic strokes, forehand, backhand, volleys, overheads and serves, with consistency in mind. Basic rules and scoring will also be included in this course. To prepare the participants to play games full court. 


Adult Private Lessons with the Head Tennis Professional

The Private Lesson rates are as follows:                                       Semi-private :

 1 hour          $80.00/ person                                                   $100/2 students  ( $50/ea)

            Members $ 70/person                                                $120 /3 students  ( $40/ea)

                                                                                           $140 /4 students  ( $35/ea)


Please click link Adult Lessons & Programs to arrange a private lesson with Head Coach Jack Pei.


Lessons with Assistance Coach/Instructor

 The Private Lesson rates are as follows:                                                                     Semi-private:

       1 hour           $70.00/person                                                     1 hour             $90/2 students ( $45/ea)

                                                                                                                         $105/3 students ($35/ea)

         Members     $60/person                                                                              $120/4 students ($40/ea)


All cancelations must be received 24 hours in advance to avoid charges.
-Please bring rackets, gym clothes, non marking shoes, towels and water
-All prices include GST, court fees and racket rental (if needed)