Adults Lessons
Our Head Tennis Pro, Jack Pei Xiao
cell 778-885-7028
Jack Pei Xiao is a Club Pro 2 TPA certified coach.  He is also a F.A.S.T Workshop and Wheelchair Coaching Certified and has over 12 years of coaching experience.  In addition,
Jack has created innovative and dynamic programs that enrich the tennis experience at all levels for both adults and children.  This includes private and group lessons, clinics, social tennis, junior fundamental programs, junior development programs, tournaments, and other initiatives.
Jack and his team currently have over 300 students under his tutelage.  They are well known for their efficient and effective method of teaching adults and for their patience and dedication in teaching children.  Jack and his team always sets goals for his students and keeps parents informed about their children’s progress.
 Jack is a "Club Pro 2 TPA certified coach" with 12 years of coaching experience.  He has been conducting adult private and group lessons; junior private and group lessons; and junior development programs and more.  
Jack is well known for his efficient, tactic-first approach in teaching adults .  
If you have any questions regarding these programs please contact our Program Coordinator, Jack Pei Xiao via text or email.
Email:        Cell: 778-885-7028
Adult Tennis 1.0 F.A.S.T Clinic    Code4300
Our Fun Adult Starter Tennis clinic introduces the basic fundamentals of play as well as rules and scoring, to get you to serve, rally and score. We use a new system of learning through progressions so tennis is easier and not as frustrating to learn.  No Experience is needed for this program. 

Coach to student Ratio: 1 to 6

*Please note that a self-assessment is required for eligibility to register for any adult programs other than the 1.0 program.   If you are registered in the program but are not quite up to the level, you may be deregistered.
When:  Every Sunday, April 23rd - May 28th
Time:   4:30 - 5:55 pm

Space Available: 6
Cost:  $236.25 + GST/session (6 classes - 6 hours total)
Adult Tennis 2.0 Clinic     Code 4300
Our 2.0 clinics will teach one to initiate points with consistent serves & returns; improve consistency in a rally using both forehand & backhand sides with improved fundamentals and techniques.  In addition, we will introduce consistent volley and serving skills.
Coach to Student Ratio: 6 to 1

*Please note that an assessment is required for eligibility to register for any adult programs other than the 1.0 program.   If you accidentally registered in the program without an assessment, you may be deregistered.
When:  Every Sunday, April 23rd - May 2th
Time:   3:00 - 4:25 pm

Space Available: 6 
Cost:  $236.25 + GST/session (6 classes - 
                  Private/Semi-Private lessons:
 Jarrod Marchant / Hana Cho / Steven Baumann / 
Tennis Instructor (Coaches)

$90 per hour for a private lesson

$110 per hour for a semi private lesson

$126 per hour for a 3 people

$147 per hour for 4 people

-All cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance to avoid charges.
-All prices include GST

P.S. If you would like a private lesson or a customized group lesson with the Head Tennis Professional Jack Pei Xiao, please contact him directly via email: