Dear CTC friends and Members
We have reach the end of our 2021 CTC outdoor season .
We no longer offer Juniors program till next year.
We have been proud and happy to see so many young faces crowding our Courts.
Thanks to all for supporting our programs
CTC July Updates:
Court Usage
There appears to be some misunderstanding re when CTC members can use the tennis courts usually reserved for the Coquitlam Tennis Club
Every year, the club books courts based on previous years schedule and planned activities. With Covid restrictions, the City was clear that there would be no new additional bookings. This meant that CTC was allocated courts based on 2019 bookings, with some allowance for junior development programs. To ensure the public aware is aware of these court bookings  the City of Coquitlam posts times on large boards. 
Basically, the public is aware of when the club has ‘reserved’ the courts for members use, and when the courts are free for general public use. 
We have a contract with City of Coquitlam which  specifies the times we have the tennis courts. 
Recently there have been some conflicts with the general public re using courts beyond the time CTC has been allocated. 
Please be aware, once the court allocation time has expired, CTC members must vacate the courts as they are now open to the general public. Once the courts are vacated, if they are open, then the CTC member can enter and ‘claim’ the court as a general public person- NOT as a CTC member. 
Please remember, the City of Coquitlam has allowed the CTC club to block book and reserve a large number of PUBLIC tennis courts for its members. The City is under constant pressure and criticism for allowing public courts to be used by a private club- CTC. They field many complaints. 
Therefore, it is important that we leave these public courts when our booking time has ended and if we return to a vacant court, we abide by the same rules as the general public.
Again, a reminder, CTC does not own the tennis courts. We reserve and rent courts for specific dates and times. If you use those courts outside the specified dates and times, you are doing so as a general public person.
Save the Dates: 
Food social 
Date: Wed Aug 18
Time 6-10
The City of Coquitlam annual Sports Fair
When: Saturday, August 21, 2021 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. 
Where: North Field (#6) at Town Centre Park 1299 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC V3B 7S4
Mon- Men’s Ladder
Tue-  Social 
Wed- Lady’s Ladder
Thur- Mixed Doubles
Fri-  Social 
Note: Competitive Mixed Doubles will be coordinated by Nathan and Heather. 
Jr. Development programs are now open. See website for more information and registration. 
Private and Semi Private lessons are available. See website for more information. 
Membership Renewals/Fee structure
Membership registration will open on March 28, 2021
Adult Membership: $70
Senior Membership: $50
CTC Executive 
The following table identifies your current CTC Executive.
Executive Position: Name:
Chuck Peries
Vice President
Carla Byers
Treasurer Ravi Lalsignhani
Membership Sergio Garces
Tournament Director Nathan Lee
Junior Coordinator Reza Hosseini
Socials- Summer
Reihane Mirjani
Sager Jan
Maintenance Director
Publicity Director Janet Xuan
Member at Large Kiyo Breiting
Member at Large Ray Lebrun
CTC is proud to be offering Junior Spring Programs! 
Information is also posted on our website under “Juniors”
Registrations will open on March 1st/2021
Minimum 3 registrants per session - Maximum 4 registrants per session
*Due to covid-19 phase 2 protocol, a maximum of 4:1 Students to coach ratio is strictly enforced until further notice
Find your inner “fun” on court……..
Yup, that’s what we are all about; tennis fun for beginners to pros.
Join our tennis community and enjoy a range of enjoyable tennis programs that we’ve been promoting in the Coquitlam Community since 1965.
We offer:
  • social tennis where you can enjoy friendly matches with other club members
  • ladies & men’s singles and doubles ladders
  • competitive league teams
  • instruction programs for both adults and juniors with one of the best known junior programs in the area
We are an outdoor club located in beautiful Town Centre Park complete with four hard courts with lights and a small clubhouse.

We operate as a non-profit association with the cooperation of the City of Coquitlam.  Our mission is to offer affordable enjoyment of tennis programs and social play to the Coquitlam community.

See our Membership page or feel free to come and try us out at one of our two weekly social evenings.  Members enjoy the benefits of our online calendar of events and tournament schedules.  Our rates are low and there are no additional court fees.

We would love to see you on our courts!
Message Board
For programs and lesson, please email our Head 
Professional Jack Pei Xiao at or call him at 7788857028
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.
Kids Team Tennis June 20th 2021
Posted on Jun 20th, 2021
We had Kid's Team Tennis planned by Tennis BC and in coordination with NETS, this Saturday.
Jack and his assistant coaches volunteered and did major part of the job , Thank you Jack.
Kiyo also helped, specially on taking nice photos.
No Events at this time.